Learn Through Play with Fairy Tale Characters - "it's like hiding vegetables in their brownies!"

Fairy Tale Preschool Playcademy PLUS - (Order Here)

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Complete Holiday Magic Experience Box - a preschool subscription box product from My Imagination Mail
The Complete Holiday Magic Experience Box includes the Monthly Holiday Magic Box and the Weekly Holiday Postcards.  These products are part of the preschool subscription box lineup of products from My Imagination Mail.

Children love Fairy Tales.  They love getting mail.  They love celebrating with Fairy Tale characters like the Easter Bunny, Santa or Mother Nature.  They love the different seasons like Spring and Winter, major holidays and not so famous special days like Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Each month, your child will receive a curated box from a Fairy Tale character packed full of seasonally appropriate items to help create fun memorable family interactions.  These boxes not only inspire imagination, but also give busy parents support in promoting literacy and fun interactions with their children.  It enhances the importance of storytelling, imagination and creativity through Fairy Tale character communications.  They also get My Fairy Tale Postcards as part of the My Fairy Tale Box PLUS products.  My Fairy Tale Box PLUS delivers postcards EVERY WEEK with a custom message for your child directly from one of their favorite Fairy Tale characters like the Easter Bunny or Baby New Year.

My Fairy Tale Box coordinates a month-long interaction between child, family and Fairy Tale characters/events to help parents make magical memories with their children, before they grow up! My Fairy Tale Box PLUS is designed for children with huge imaginations 3+ years old.   Learn More