Learn Through Play with Fairy Tale Characters - "it's like hiding vegetables in their brownies!"

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My Tooth Fairy Kit is part of the My Imagination Mail preschool subscription box lineup of products, featuring an embroidered Tooth Fairy pillow by Lillian Rose.

This is a perfect one-time purchase item creating a fun, magical experience between your child and the Tooth Fairy.  My Tooth Fairy Kit contains everything you and your child needs to get a magical visit from the Tooth Fairy.  Special directions and items are included for parents to create a magical experience for their child easily.  Get a special poem from the Tooth Fairy, plus hand-selected items designed specifically around the Tooth Fairy and the magic of getting a visit from this special cherished Fairy Tale character.  Make sure you have this product on-hand BEFORE your child loses their first tooth!  

Items in My Tooth Fairy Kit include:

  • For the Parents
    • Special envelope with directions and secret items for the parents
    • Written directions on what to do and when to do it to create the magic of the Tooth Fairy visit
    • Tooth Fairy sized poem from the Tooth Fairy with a magnifying glass to read it
    • Tooth Fairy sized wand
    • Vial of Tooth Fairy magic dust
  • For your Child 
    • Magical Tooth Fairy door craft to decorate (how else can the Tooth Fairy get into your house?)
    • Magical markers
    • Deluxe embroidered Tooth Fairy Pillow by Lillian Rose complete with satin tooth pouch
    • Tooth Fairy village sticker scene craft
    • Tooth Fairy wood ornament craft kit
    • Tooth Fairy tattoos
    • Extra-large scented SuperSlo Tooth Squishy

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My Tooth Fairy Kit is part of the preschool subscription box lineup of products from My Imagination Mail.  All products are for children ages 3+.

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