Learn Through Play with Fairy Tale Characters - "it's like hiding vegetables in their brownies!"

FAQ-General Questions

What is My Imagination Mail?  My Imagination Mail is a preschool subscription box based service geared towards young children and their families that delivers monthly seasonal items and weekly postcards from famous Fairy Tale characters throughout the whole year.  Curated subscription boxes are delivered once a month and contain seasonal toys, crafts, stickers, family activities, books and more that parents can use to create lasting experiences with their children.  Everything in the box is hand-selected and carefully planned to ensure the child feels connected with the Fairy Tale character, the season and their family as they play together.  Each box also contains a personalized letter from the Fairy Tale character, such as Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Mother Nature, etc with the child's name inserted.  Every delivery is personalized and magical!

Each letter tells a story which correlates with the items in the box, further connecting the Fairy Tale character with the child's play.  Baby New Year might send a microphone so the child can put on a New Year's Eve show like Baby New Year loves to do.  Santa Claus could send snowballs straight from the North Pole.  In addition to the once-a-month subscription box, the famous Fairy Tale characters keep in touch with the child through a weekly postcard.  They continue to discuss fun things to do with their family through personalized messages.  For additional family fun, each Fairy Tale character includes a calendar highlighting national holidays during the month such as static electricity day, popcorn day or wiggle your toes day.

My Imagination Mail was created to be a fun, engaging and magical experience for each child and their families.  Parents often do not have the time to coordinate activities or are not sure where to begin.  This imaginative service takes the guesswork out of planning fun interactions with their children and delivers it directly to their doorstep.

What comes in the monthly subscription boxes or weekly postcards?  This depends on the product you ordered, please see below for examples:

  • My Fairy Tale Box PLUS - This monthly subscription box service delivers a custom curated box from a Fairy Tale character directly to your door every month AND a weekly postcard with a personalized message addressed and mailed to your child on a weekly basis.  The monthly box is created with the current season and Fairy Tale character in mind.  Box contents vary month-to-month but in general will contain an assortment of seasonal toys, seasonally appropriate crafts, stickers, treats, family activities, book, collectors pin and other Fairy Tale themed items.  In addition, every box contains a customized letter addressed to your child with a special message from a Fairy Take character such as Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Mother Nature, Cupid, Baby New Year, Father Time, Sandman, Man in the Moon, etc.  Finally, instructions on how to use the contents of the box and a monthly calendar containing more national holidays such as “wiggle your toes day”, “static electricity day”, “friendship week” or “hug your mom day.”  In addition, each subscription also comes with a personalized postcard delivered every week to your child with a message from a Fairy Tale character.  The custom designed postcards are mailed every week during your subscription period and compliment the monthly box rounding out the monthly Fairy Tale theme. 
  • My Fairy Tale Box - This monthly subscription box service delivers the same items as the My Fairy Tale Box PLUS minus the My Fairy Tale Postcards.
  • My Fairy Tale Postcards - This service delivers every week a personalized postcard from a Fairy Tale character directly addressed to your child.  Each postcard has a personalized message.  Every postcard is uniquely designed by artists from all over the world and a subscriber will never receive the same postcard twice.

What age groups are appropriate for your products?  The appropriate age group for our products is 3+ years of age.  We do have some products that are small in nature that could be choking hazards.  Always make sure a parent or an adult is present.

What does it mean that my subscription auto renews?  For our subscription products, My Fairy Tale Box PLUS, My Fairy Tale Box and My Fairy Tale Postcards, for your convenience all subscription plans automatically renew.  The renewal can be cancelled at any time.  Once your subscription ends, your subscription will automatically renew to keep the Fairy Tale story continuing until you cancel your subscription.  

When do I get billed for my subscription?  Billing will occur every month on the 15th.  All subscriptions are billed before any shipments and are paid upfront.

Can I cancel my subscription?  Yes, you can cancel your subscription before the 15th of any month.  Simply login to your account and select "cancel my subscription."  Your subscription will end with the next mailing.  You need an account to cancel your subscription.  If you don't have an account, you can also cancel your subscription by sending a cancellation request to customerservice@myimaginationmail.com and we can cancel for you.

How do I set up an account?  Select "create account" on the main menu task bar and you will be prompted to create an account.  Please note:  you will need the email address you used to order the subscription to set up your account.  An email verification will also be sent before an account can be created.

Can I skip a month?  Yes, if you don't want to receive a box for a certain month, you can pause your subscription for one month at a time.  To pause, you will need to login to your account.  Once in your account, you can select "manage subscription" and there are options to pause, change credit card information, shipping address, etc.  As always, you can also send a request to customerservice@myimaginationmail.com

What if an item in my box is missing or broken?  While we try to ensure all boxes are packed correctly, we do make mistakes.  If this happens, please email us at customerservice@myimaginationmail.com and we will gladly send out a replacement item.

Something in my box is not working correctly, what do I do?  For as good as we are in making sure we put quality products in our boxes, in some cases there can be a manufacturer issue or damage in shipping.  If you have a product that is not working or is damaged, please contact us at customerservice@myimaginationmail.com and let us know what problem you are experiencing.  Please do NOT discard the product as we may need you to return the broken item to us (we pay the shipping) and we will send out a replacement asap.

Does every box contain the same items?  Every month we curate different items to fit the appropriate Fairy Tale story.  However, each month may see some differences in product inside the boxes.  For example, boxes could contain different stickers, different treats, etc.  We strive for 100% consistency but supply issues or over demand for a given month could result in some differences.  Rest assured, the value in each box will be similar and any replacement item will be as close to the original product as possible.

Can I give a subscription or special occasion box as a gift?  How?  Yes, simply order your product as normal but make sure the shipping information is addressed to the gift recipient

Do you offer gift wrapping?  Unfortunately, not at this time.

Do you have a referral program?  We do not have a referral program at this time 

Can I send you pictures or videos of my child opening the box or playing with the products?  Yes, you can either post pictures and videos to our facebook page or you can submit them to jessicakringle@myimaginationmail.com.  

How can I give feedback?  Simply email us at any time to customerservice@myimaginationmail.com

Where do you get your postcards?  All of our postcards are custom designed using freelance artists from all over the world.  Each card is designed to fit into a specific Fairy Tale story or seasonal theme.  The postcards are different every week and we will never mail our subscribers the same postcard twice.

Can I purchase bulk, blank postcards?  Yes, if you are interested in purchasing blank postcards, simply contact us at customerservice@myimaginationmail.com with your contact information and we will reach out asap to discuss options.  In most cases, we will have limited quantities of blank postcards available to purchase OR we can custom print in various quantities.

Can I purchase a box from a previous month?  In some cases we may offer boxes on an individual purchase basis from previous months.  These offers will be posted on our website under the Special Occasion Box section.

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