Learn Through Play with Fairy Tale Characters - "it's like hiding vegetables in their brownies!"

About Us

As working parents with two children we recognized the need to have meaningful play times and interactions so our children could grow up fondly reminiscing about "remember when we did...."  We spent countless hours drafting letters from Santa Claus complete with cookie crumbs and reindeer food leftovers.  Letters from the Easter Bunny came with Easter Egg smudges and writing in rabbit print, the Tooth Fairy wrote so small we had to run around to find a magnifying glass and so many more characters for our children.  The response was always a heart warming magical moment when they received the little gifts we left or when they read the letters.  While that is exciting in itself, we also realized that some of the best times we spent with our girls was when they were young and their imaginations were running wild.  Believing in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Cupid and various fictional characters was a magic time in their lives and ours as well.  Below are a few pictures (our kids, Samantha and Jessica, will be mortified we posted these!) of our daughters and some of the fun things we celebrated throughout their early childhoods..... and a few pictures of the family throughout the years celebrating all kinds of holidays - yes, we act goofy and have fun, but that's what being a family is all about!

National Everyone is a Princess Day

   National Everyone Is A Princess Day

Samantha reading a letter from the Easter Bunny


Jessica and a visit from the tooth fairy


National Pinwheel Day

Frequently throughout the years, our children would bring up one of these magic moments.  Right before our first child left for college we reminisced and many of these memories came up.  Our children brought up that many of their friends never had these things in their childhood.  Sure, they had Santa and the Easter Bunny, but no personal interaction beyond the basics.  Their friends never got letters or little gifts, fun surprises or fun ideas on what to do.  Our youngest child said her friends would tell her how awesome it was to have gotten to do everything and make those fun memories.  They always said that they wished they had gotten those experiences as a child but their parents both worked, were so busy or another valid reason.  And as we got older, we continued to celebrate in any way we can - sometimes its just a quick picture or activity, other times its more elaborate, but always having fun!

National Baking Day (yum!)

National Plaid Day (maybe it should have been called National Bad Hat Day)

National Be An Elf Day (Mike apparently ate too many cookies on National Baking Day)

That is why we started My Imagination Mail.  We wanted to give every parent and child the added opportunity to experience these magic moments through communications directly from the holiday fictional character to the child.  Don't live these magic moments in time just a few days a year when you can build excitement and imagination in your child every week.

We like to say "create those magical moments.....before your child grows up!"

And more pictures.....

National Stick Out Your Tongue Day (Mike and Samantha)

National Bird Appreciation Day (Holly, Samantha and Jessica)

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