Learn Through Play with Fairy Tale Characters - "it's like hiding vegetables in their brownies!"

Encourage Kids To Learn Through Play

Fairy Tale themed learning boxes for preschool aged children

Writing ~ Reading ~ Matching ~ Speech ~ Fine Motor Skills ~ Prediction ~ Reasoning ~ Cause & Effect ~ Assembly ~ Organization ~ Sharing ~ Group Dynamics ~ Sensory Play

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Why Parents Love Us


"The surprise gift box for Christmas came with crafts, markers, and for a dad with two California boys, SNOWBALLS to fight with!  I was also happy to see a Karaoke microphone, because I wanted to get one for my musical boys but ran out of time.  They love to hear themselves on teh Echo feature and I'm sure they will grow to be the rock stars their dad thinks he is."   - Daniel


"These cute, fun crafts are great for fine motor skills!  The active play activities were also definitely a hit with my kids.  I love that I didn't have to plan or prepare any of it.  All supplies were included.  We just opened the box and started playing.  So easy!"   - Rachel M


"Each month the box is different.  The letter from the characters are fun and tie all the elements together in a story like format.  It consistently promotes creativity and imagination all while building a strong educational foundation.“  - Vicky S, Preschool Educator

"The theme boxes are great for tying multiple things together through the letter from the Fairy Tale character.  It incorporated many educational components disguised as play.  Reading, writing, music, art, fine motor skills and manipulatives were all included in this month's box, plus the box also contained a game and a toy. It is great for family fun too."  - Donna, ECE Teacher

"My grandchildren loved their boxes and want them all the time.  These are priceless and such a great idea.  Educational but the kids think they are pure fun.  I love that I get credit for "nominating them" for Santa's Circle of Magical Friends.  Great idea and wonderful gift."  - Polly, Retired Teacher